Purfresh Expands Global Reach to the Dominican Republic...

Purfresh, a provider of clean technologies that purify, protect, and preserve our food and water, today announced that Agroasa—based in the Dominican Republic, Post-Harvest Solutions Limited—based in New Zealand, and Post Harvest Services—based in South Africa are now certified
partners and are authorized to market and sell Purfresh™ Transport services and Purfresh Cold Storage solutions. Purfresh selected the
three companies as the primary product representatives in their respective countries due to their industry expertise, regional
knowledge, and outstanding reputations. These partnerships will allow Purfresh to continue to expand the availability of its clean cold chain
solutions worldwide, and to provide the fresh produce industries throughout the Dominican Republic, New Zealand, and South Africa with
state-of-the-art solutions.

“Global demand for our cold chain products continues to accelerate, which necessitates our expansion,” said David Cope, president and CEO of
Purfresh, Inc. “The Dominican Republic, New Zealand, and South Africa are growth markets with lots of opportunity, and through our
partnerships with Agroasa, Post-Harvest Solutions, and Post Harvest Services, we can ensure that we are well positioned to take advantage of
this in 2010 and beyond. In addition, we have reached a pivotal stage where partners can now leverage the strength of the Purfresh brand to
build and strengthen their businesses in the global market.”

Purfresh is dedicated to providing clean solutions that are based on proven science, provide practical application, and are cost effective
and reliable. The company’s patented solutions—spanning advanced active atmosphere technologies to web-based informatics—have been specifically designed to improve the freshness and safety of fresh produce throughout the supply chain. Together, Purfresh and its partners are able to provide customers around the world with industry-leading products and services that help reduce risk, control costs, and improve the quality of their products and operations.

Agroasa, Post-Harvest Solutions Limited, and Post Harvest Services join Agro Trading for Trade Agencies, Amtenco Industrial Refrigeration, Central Washington Refrigeration, Cool Dynamics, Empack, Fresco Peru, Green Ozone Technologies, O3 Internacional, Ozone International, Pompeo Catelli, Talbutsit S.A., and TriFresh Technologies as Purfresh’s authorized cold chain resellers. For more information on becoming a Purfresh reseller, call 877-668-0303 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About Purfresh, Inc.
Purfresh offers a range of clean technology solutions that purify, protect, and preserve our food and water. Purfresh’s innovative crop applications, food wash systems and cold chain technologies effectively safeguard fresh produce before and after harvest. Our water technologies purify and disinfect bottled, pharmaceutical and consumer products.

Today, customers in 42 countries rely on Purfresh to boost yields, control costs, and improve the safety and quality of their products, including Auvil Fruit Company, Coca-Cola, Fruit Patch, Procter & Gamble, and Safeway. For more information visit www.purfresh.com.

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